Zadar is an ancient Croatian town that has over 3 000 years of rich history and it is important even now. It is cultural, economical and administrative centre of North Dalmatia. It is also a traffic centre of the region that connects northern and southern Croatia. Zadar is attractive for its looks and hospitable citizens, and for many travelers and artists can be compared to Venice and Dubrovnik.

It is a town of rich spiritual and material culture, as well as tourist tradition an identity created now days. It has many antic, medieval and renaissance monuments. Zadar is a town of scientific tradition and Croatian history. It is build around roman forum, with walls well preserved and many ancient Croatian sacral monuments. It has many archives, libraries, museums and long musical and literature tradition.

This town has the oldest Croatian university, now days has 19 studies, where the first Croatian novel and first newspaper in Croatian language were born.
Tourist attraction of Zadar is a combination of culture and tourism, because it is a centre of different programs: nautical tourism and marines, hotels, restaurants, apartments and villas, tourist villages in the town and surroundings, congressional and religious tourism, small and intimate restaurants, beautiful bathing zones and intact virginal natural surroundings.

The region of Zadar is fascinating. It has a riviera towards Nin in the north and in the south towards Biograd. Historical towns are placed around Zadar: Nin, Pag, Biograd, Obrovac, Benkovac and others, over 50 small and picturesque tourist villages, national parks and parks of nature: Paklenica, Plitvice, Kornati, Krka, Velebit, Telaščica. Numerous landscapes of Ravni Kotari are famous gastronomical, vine, and excursion itineraries. And finally many small islands around 300 are special tourist.